ZFS License and Future

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On 06.11.2010 19:52, krad wrote:
> On 5 November 2010 19:11, Alejandro Imass <aimass at yabarana.com> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> A while back I started the thread "Troubles on SATA drives ZFS". I
>> decided to bring the zpool down check each disk and re-construct the
>> pool. Nevertheless, I was revising one of the ZFS error message links
>> and Oracle made me create a developer id to access the info. This
>> really pissed me off even more than teh Android suit, so it got me
>> thinking...
>> Maybe I should go back to UFS, CCD, GEOM, etc. instead of continuing
>> to support f***ing Oracle. ZFS was honestly very easy and seemed very
>> reliable and fast, but I would like the opinion and position of people
>> here on ZFS before I continue using it.
>> Many thanks,
>> Alejandro Imass
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> the main problem is geom and ufs isnt a like for like replacement yet. Good
> as though geom is it just not as easy as zfs from an adminsistration point
> of view in my opinion. It may potentinally get a block checksum class but it
> will be a long time before its like for like.
> I've had a play around with btrfs, which is supposed to be an opensource
> equivelent to zfs. It is far from ready yet though. It may mature into a
> good product in the future, but its a long way off and far from polished
> (dam horrible from what ive seen so far). Most of its development was backed
> by oracle though from what i have read, so who knows where that will go now.
> If oracle want to continue to push linux and it to have a decent fs, it may
> well just be easier for them to drop the licensing issues with cddl which
> was preventing zfs from making it into linux. Who knows but for anything in
> the near to medium future there is nothing to rival zfs on the opensource
> market.
> Having said all that it really depends on whether you need the extra
> features of zfs. Personally I cant see how anyone with any important data
> can do without checksuming.

The question I keep asking myself, is what could FreeBSD + DragonFlyBSD
do with DragonFly's "Hammer". Is there any work in progress porting
Hammer to FreeBSD, or is that unlikely for ... personal history reasons?


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