ssmtp - possible anomaly with SSL

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Sat Nov 6 11:52:32 UTC 2010

I recently figured out how to send mail thru my ISP ID using ssmtp.  I had 
previously only been using KMail, and I had it configured to use port 465  SSL 

I can send mail when I don't use port 465:

but if I add the port 465 a,d enable SSL with:

then I use the -v switch and also -auFreeBSD -apPassword
as in smtp -v -auFreeBSD -apPassword freebsd at

and the messages all indicate success, but the mail never arrives. It does 
when I don't use SSL on port 465.

KMail does work with SSL on port 465.

System Name:
Hardware:      2.80GHz Intel Pentium 4 (HTT) with 2 GB memory
OS version:    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p1 i386 (6.4 MB kernel)
manager(s):    kde4-4.5.3 
X windows:     xorg-7.5    X.Org X Server 1.7.5

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