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On Fri, Nov 05, 2010 at 01:32:11AM -0400, Jon Radel wrote:
> On 11/5/10 12:22 AM, kline wrote:
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> >i''m using evo to be able to click on.  i have fewer ``Fail'' type
> >responses, but do not understand the failure messages.  Also, since it
> >has been 9.5 years since I read DNS AND BIND, the jargon  is lost.  What
> >does "glue" means? and how should I resolve?
> >
> >It is time to  get this stuff arrow-straight, so hoping that someone
> >on-list can clue me in.
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> >gary
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> If your parents, the nameservers authoritative for .org, tell the
> world that one of the nameservers for is
>, they also have to tell the world what the IP
> address for is using an A record.  That A record is
> glue.  Otherwise you get a machine conversation something like:
> Resolving nameserver trying to find a record in the zone
> (RN):  Please Mr. root server, I'd like to know about
> Root:  See the .org folks over there....
> RN:  Please Mr. top-level dude, about that
> Org: Well, see
> RN:  Ahem, I'm trying to find out basic stuff about and
> I don't know the address for in order to ask it
> Org:  Well, ask what the address for is...
> RN:  But, but, but....followed by petulant stomping off
> Glue A records fix that problem.
> BTW, the fact that a glue record isn't returned for
> in response to a query about NS records for really isn't
> a problem; note the "info" rather than "fail" from DNSCog.

	I did not see the "info" tag, thanks.  Here is what I have for
	my "A" recordes in's external [and internal] filees.
	Note that plsto and ns1 are different computers.  plato is my 
	firewall.                    A                    A                      A                    A                    A                      A                      A

	FWIW, ethic *is*  ns1.  LAst time someone criticized having
	three IP's with the same quad decimal.  

	(A couple years ago I was sown for several days and my wife had
	to talk with some tech [from Qwest]. He was either in Mumbai or 
	Manilla and had her erase a bunch of lines from my
	"modem"/router.  I don't think that has any effect here, tho I
	may be wrong.)

> Biggest problem I still see is that refuses to
> respond to queries about  You sure your account there
> is still active and functional and that you're allowing zone
> transfers to them?  I note that you don't allow transfers from
> arbitrary addresses, and
> does warn
> that the source address for transfer requests was/will/did change.

	I saw that and chaanged it, allowing transfers a day or two ago.
	Where do I look in /var/log/  to see if these actually happened?
	It may be that got tired of requests and I need to
	re-do something.  
> Some of the problems reported by DNSCog appear to be bogus.  They've
> got some bugs related to cases where a nameserver has a name in the
> domain in question.  (And also some bugs related to nameservers
> which are reachable by both ipv4 and ipv6, but that doesn't apply to
> you.)
	Thankee much. I'll grep around for xfer in /var/log/* and
	hopefully see something from I recognize.)


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