SAS2-controller for 64bit-FreeBSD

Julian Fagir gnrp at
Fri Nov 5 13:48:37 UTC 2010


I'm going to buy a new storage-server and don't know yet which
storage-controller to take.
We found it the cheapest way to buy an external jbod-storage and a small
server with an sas-controller.
The chosen jbod will support SAS2, and as the system will have to last at
least three years, we want something that can cope with growing disk-io -
especially when using several raidzs and generating more and more overhead.

Our vendor suggested us a LSI 9200-8e or 9280-4i4e [and a mainboard with
onboard LSI2008]. But after searching a bit, I did not find anyone who uses
this one in FreeBSD yet.
There are 32bit-drivers directly from LSI, but we want to use the 64bit-port.
New drivers were uploaded in September, but no reviews yet whether they work.u

If you were to buy a sas2-controller, which one would you take?
Or did anyone test these new drivers?

Btw: The chassis will be a SuperMicro 847E-RJBOD1 - do you have any
experience with that one? Is it recommendable?

Regards, Julian
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