Vimium on Chromium on FreeBSD

Chad Perrin perrin at
Thu Nov 4 20:31:16 UTC 2010

Last night, I decided to read a little bit about Chromium browser
extensions, and peeked at the source for the Vimium extension to see what
was wrong with it.

Vimium is one of several Chromium extensions that provide some vi-like
keybindings, and arguably the one with the best vi-like experience.
Unfortunately, it is not quite up to the standards of Vimperator on
Firefox, but it is definitely better than nothing.  Also unfortunately,
it does not install on FreeBSD in its current official form.  It only
produces an error.

I cloned the GitHub repository to my laptop and figured out how to tweak
it so that it *would* install, but it's an ugly (if simple) hack and not
the "right" way to do things, I think.  As such, it is not the sort of
thing that is likely to be a good idea to submit upstream to the Vimium
maintainer -- at least until I can determine *why* the official Vimium
does not install on FreeBSD's Chromium browser port.

If you want details about how I got Vimium to install, and on Vimium plus
FreeBSD in general, I chronicled the experience in my personal devlog:

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