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Thu Nov 4 05:00:39 UTC 2010

On Wed, 03 Nov 2010 16:54:08 +0100, Dick Hoogendijk <dick at> wrote:
> Up 'till now I had a server without X. I've a need however to be able to 
> graphically work on that server so I thought: I install 
> x11-servers/xorg.server and after that I build windowmaker (nice and 
> light).

Good choice - here on a long-running regular workstation.

> However, this does not seem to be enough to get X working.

Three steps:
	1. Get X (itself) working
	2. Install WindowMaker and its dependencies
	3. Make your user account a .xinitrc or .xsession
	   (depends on if you use xdm or startx command)


Example for ~/.xinitrc:

	# $XConsortium: xinitrc.cpp,v 1.4 91/08/22 11:41:34 rws Exp $
	[ -f ~/.xmodmaprc ] && xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc
	xrandr --fb 1400x1050
	xrandr --size 1400x1050
	xsetroot -solid rgb:3b/4c/7a
	xset b 100 1000 15 &
	xset r rate 250 30 &
	xset s off &
	xset -dpms &
	exec wmaker

The last line will "transfer control" to the WindowMaker program.

Then, configure WindowMaker to your needs.

> Can somebody tell me what to build (with portmaster) to get a minimal X 
> server station with windowmaker.

Any dependencies should be recursively by portmaster (as it does
per portmanager, port's make install, and even pkg_add -r).

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