sysinstall(8) && bsdlabel a new disk

Bruce Cran bruce at
Mon Nov 1 23:48:22 UTC 2010

On Mon, 01 Nov 2010 09:04:15 -0700
Devin Teske <dteske at> wrote:

> I'll be the first to admit that sysinstall(8) could be a little easier
> to use in the userland. It should be noted that sade(8) (System
> Administrator's Disk Editor) is no different -- sade, at this point at
> least, is nothing more than the `Partition' and `Label' menus ripped
> straight from sysinstall(8)'s `Custom' menu (with some minor other
> differences, like the fact that the Ctrl-C menu doesn't work whereas
> it does in sysinstall(8) -- really ought to file a PR on that one).

There's a new version of sade being worked on by ae@ in svn /user/ae
that fixes lots of the problems. With pc-sysinstall getting all the
attention I doubt sysinstall will have any more work done on it.

Bruce Cran

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