Newer Sambas and PAM

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Mon Nov 1 12:38:51 UTC 2010

On 11/01/10 12:49, Tim Daneliuk wrote:

> Be aware that the samba password directory moved from /usr/local/etc/samba
> to /usr/local/etc/samba34

Thanks, I know, but that's not the problem.

pamsmbd doesn't read the password file directly; instead it asks smbd.
I discovered it uses LanMan passwords, which are now disabled by 
default, so I added "lanman auth=yes" to smb.conf: this was some step 
ahead, but still not enough.

I also tried, which comes with Samba and reads the 
smbpasswd file directly: I expect it would know where it is, since it 
comes from the same port. No success here either.

This worries me a lot, since the working samba version was removed from 
the port tree...

  bye & Thanks

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