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On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 11:48:54PM +0200, Polytropon wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 17:41:53 -0300 (CLST), pvidales at wrote:
> > Hello. I am interested in installing FreeBSD OS on my Notebook, which has at
> > this time Windows 7 with a hard disk partitioned into 2 primary partition (C:
> > and D:).
> > I read the installation instructions, but I was clear:
> > How can I install FreeBSD OS on partition D: without deleting the contents of
> > C: (Windows 7 and other files) so you can choose when starting the OS with my
> > Notebook which to work (Windows 7 or FreeBSD)?
> > Thank you!
> During the installation (usually involving the sysinstall
> installation program), you are entering the slice editor.
> This is where "primary partitions" are mentioned. Delete
> the partition corresponding to the "drive letter" D:, I
> would assume it's the second one on the disk. Then create
> a new slice for the (now) free space and make it a FreeBSD
> slice. After that, you can install the FreeBSD boot manager.
> I'm not familiar with "Windows", so I would assume that
> it won't harm the "Windows" installation on the disk if
> you add this boot manager. After that, you continue in
> the normal way partitioning your FreeBSD slice, selecting
> things to install, and so on.

I think all you have to do is select that slice and let sysinstall
(via fdisk) set it to a FreeBSD type file system and then go ahead
and install on it.  That will wipe out everything previously in the
slice and install FreeBSD there.   During install, tell it to install 
the FreeBSD MBR.

There is some new problem with Win-7 boot manager that I haven't learned 
about yet.   MS puts some extra boot manager stuff in.  I think how
to get around it is documented.   You will have to look that up.


> The FreeBSD boot manager will then allow you to select
> to boot FreeBSD or "Windows" at system startup.
> Before:
> 	{ [ "Windows" partition C: ]  [ "Windows" partition D: ] }
> First step in slice editor (delete second "Windows" partition):
> 	{ [ "Windows" partition C: ]  -free-                     }
> Second step in slice editor (create FreeBSD slice):
> 	{ [ "Windows" partition C: ]  [ FreeBSD                ] }
> Third step, after slice editor (install boot manager):
> 	{M[ "Windows" partition C: ]  [ FreeBSD                ] }
> Keep an eye on which partition you mark "active" inside the slice
> editor. As I said, I'm not familiar with how "Windows" handles
> things, and I'm not a multi-booter, so excuse me for being quite
> generic in my answer. :-)
> Don't miss the excellent documentation in the FreeBSD handbook,
> esp. ch. 2.6, to be found here:
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