mkuzip and/or geom_uzip changes?

Tim Judd tajudd at
Wed Mar 31 10:59:53 UTC 2010

Hi All,

Just starting to see if I can find other reports.  You all probably
have had the "more than one pair of eyes looking at a thing is better
than my eyes alone."  This is why I'm writing now, as I'm starting the

Let me background this a little bit.  I only started looking into this
because mkuzip and it's counterpart, geom_uzip are throwing errors on
FreeBSD8 i386

scenario (/etc/src.conf in effect, removing *LOTS* of stuff with knobs):
  make DESTDIR=/home/small8 installworld installkernel distribution
  mv /home/small8/boot /home/small8-boot/
  makefs -t ffs /home/small8/usr.img /home/small8/usr/
  mkuzip -o /home/small8/usr.uzip /home/small8/usr.img                  [*]
  chflags -R noschg /home/small8/usr/*
  rm -rf /home/small8/usr/* /home/small8/usr.img
  ee /home/small8/etc/rc.d/mountcritlocal
  makefs -t ffs /home/small8-boot/mfsroot /home/small8/
  gzip --best /home/small8-boot/mfsroot
  ee /home/small8-boot/boot/loader.conf
  rm /home/small8-boot/boot/kernel/*.symbols
  gzip --best /home/small8-boot/boot/kernel/kernel
  mkisofs -U -J -r -V "FreeBSD8" -b boot/cdboot -no-emul-boot
-iso-level 4 -o /home/small8.iso /home/small8-boot/

[*]: mkuzip inserts a script header that is broken.  module name it's
searching for may have been renamed?
[**]: Edited mountcritlocal to mount the usr.uzip file as by using the
above script header, throws errors
[***]: added zlib and geom_uzip modules to load to the boot image, to
satisfy the script header's requirements.

OK, the above scenario creates about a 33MB usr.uzip, and a 68MB iso.
Small enough to apparently fit into the undocumented 50 or 100MB size
limit of mfs_root module

The problem:
  mkuzip generates a few lines as a script in the head of the
resulting *.uzip file.  Two problems...
1) the module it queries for is geom_uzip (kldstat -m $m), but
FreeBSD8 names the geom_uzip module (i guess, internally) as g_uzip.
mkuzip's generated image will never find the module if they're not
named the same.
2) even with geom_uzip module and it's dependency zlib loaded, i don't
get a mdconfig node '/dev/md?.uzip' to appear.

It's been forever since I touched uzip, so I have to ask.

Looking at the cvsweb, (as a bonus question, what's the svn website
address to look at source files?) mkuzip program last modified 3 years
(2 months for the Makefile), geom_uzip module Makefile last modified 4
years ago.

3-4 years yield a median FreeBSD version 6.2.  Have we broken
something in 7 or 8?

The request:
  Is it a PEBKAC?  ID 10T error?  Duplicatable?

I'm gonna research what I can, when I can.  I would expect to see
something pop up clearly if it is a regression.  Can I ask you all to
use your eyes or past knowledge if something is broken?
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