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n01 n01 at
Mon Mar 29 14:37:43 UTC 2010

Hi Guys,
To get cookies from by filling in Login, Password and ticking the box remember me.

How it was done before:
I have tried lynx to do that but now it's (as I assume) blocked by their hosting provider.

Any other way to do that?

curl -D /auto/cookies.txt --data-urlencode 
"ctl00$ctl00$content1$Content1$txtUser=username&ctl00$ctl00$content1$Content1$txtPass=password&ctl00$ctl00$content1$Content1$btnLogin=Login" (Failed)

wget --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=/auto/cookies.txt --post-
data="ctl00$ctl00$content1$Content1$txtUser=username&ctl00$ctl00$content1$Content1$txtPass=password" (Failed)

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