freebsd-8 support for dell R710 SATA raid-0

John comp.john at
Mon Mar 29 13:56:24 UTC 2010

Hello list

I've run into a bit of an impasse with freebsd8 nd dell R710 server.
Basically it has 3x 2TB disks (SATA) connected to a LSI card (on the
order it is referred to as SAS6IR/PERC H200). I make the virtual disk on
the SATA card (raid0 gives about 5.4Tb) but freebsd, after sysinstall
loads and I set the timezone and keyboard, won't see the disk.

I am accessing the server remotely via IDRAC6. This means I have a great
deal of difficulty grabbing the console with alt-f2 on bootup.

I have the feeling that maybe I have to pass a parameter to freebsd boot
to make it see the virtual disk. Is this the cade? Or is the card just
pants? Or is it not possible to boot over 2Tb? Or perhaps I need to boot
a running system from a SD card, and then make the virtual disk?

Or is it a sysinstall issue? Or a card issue? Freebsd sees the card (at
least freebsd-9 did) but not the disk (same as freebsd-8)

FWIW CentOS won't see it either. Please help!
John - comp dot john at googlemail dot com
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