[ HEADS UP ] Ports unstable for the next 10 days

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Mar 29 08:04:32 UTC 2010

On 03/28/10 19:34, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 7:17 PM, Aristedes Maniatis <ari at ish.com.au> wrote:
>> On 29/03/10 1:15 PM, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>>> portmaster -r png-
>> Is that correct? I haven't seen that notation before (although I might just
>> have missed it in the docs).
>> I would have used
>>  portmaster -r graphics/png

That won't work, the man page clearly says that it has to be a port
directory or glob pattern from /var/db/pkg. The "glob pattern" bit of
that was (unfortunately) broken up till version 2.20, which I just

>     And yes, the directions are still wrong; it should be:
> portmaster -r 'png-*'

The * at the end of that is not necessary. In fact, portmaster strips it
off before creating the actual pattern to feed to find. The current
version of the instructions are correct. The - at the end of png is not
strictly necessary, but it will serve to disambiguate the port name if
there exists a pngfoo-1.23.




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