ZFS - Raidz1 - how to recover during install

Gene fbsd at brightstar.bomgardner.net
Sun Mar 28 23:45:57 UTC 2010

Hi -

I've been working on installing 8.0 using zfs and raidz1. I was using
instructions found on the wiki. I got to the point where instructions say to
cd to /dist/8.0* and discovered that the livefs cd for 8.0 has no such
directory. However, the usb memstick did. In order to get into, however, I had
to reboot the system. The question now is...

Once I'm back in fixit and have loaded opensolaris.ko and zfs.ko how do I
bring the dataset (zpool) online? I assume from the zfs docs that "zpool
online zpool <device>" is what I'm looking for, but I'm not sure just what the
device is.

Any hints?



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