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On 03/27/10 13:06, Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> In /usr/ports/UPDATING look for the 20100205 entry for "users of Qt 3
> and KDE 3".

Pointless in as far as that does not address the underlying problem of
rebuilding EVERYTHING that needs to link against the jpeg library. GIMP
and gegl failed because a dependency for it is linked against jpeg-7 and
not jpeg-8.

If I cannot basically reinstall the entire system via portupgrade -a I'm
reduced to fixing the problem ad-hoc and that is unacceptable because
eventually I'll have to deal with programs that link to whatever just
got rebuilt. In essence, this is a problem that is not easily solved
just by reading /usr/ports/UPDATING for Qt because it involves more than
Qt (by the way, thanks for the hat tip on Qt, but it's not high on my
priority list for being fixed right now, GIMP, Scribus and possibly a
few other apps that I'm currently unaware of there being an issue with

When jpeg-x (not a typo) is built, the port needs to be automatically
looking forward to see what all depends on it (and if anything depends
on that) and possibly asking the user if they want to upgrade all those
programs to ensure they link to the proper version of jpeg at all times.
Or they could all statically compile in jpeg support (as I assume FF
does because I can still see jpegs in the file upload preview pane) so
this is never an issue at all. I am currently able to manipulate any
jpeg at all (and now unable to use an increasing number of apps) which
is crippling my ability to edit images for any use.

I'm really loving FreeBSD, but I can no longer use The GIMP to open
JPEG's (and this is really the biggest issue I'm having as I need to be
able to edit jpeg's so I can continue on with designing the site on my
box, otherwise I will have to move back over to another computer (and
right now the only one available is running WinXP, something I'd rather
avoid using if I can), I cannot even launch Scribus (and a few other
apps whose names escape me at the moment). Other apps open but have
loads of errors regarding jpeg. I'm unable (as of about a month ago) to
install Filezilla because of this (it stopped launching when I upgraded
jpeg, so I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking that would work).

Every time I think I've tracked down the one other library or whatever
that something links against and needs jpeg, something new crops up and
stops me from building. Again.

Anyway, time I got off the comp. I'll be back later this evening to
finish this discussion.
Yours In Christ,

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