Grub demage my boot loader

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Fri Mar 26 21:53:28 UTC 2010

I love the "RTFM" - who came up with that anyway?

That said Jindřich, your English is more than passable!

Have a good weekend!


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On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Jindřich Káňa <jindrich at> wrote:
> Hello, I am new in this mailing list and my english is very poor :)
> I have installed FBSD 8.0 on my first SATA disk. I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 CD
> and boot into the Ubuntu installation. After booting proces a choose 4GB USB
> memory for installation as hard drive. There is option: delete and use whole
> disk for Ubuntu. After installation and reboot I have error message - error:
> no such disk and something like CLI (grub rescue).
> A tried steps by this link:
> but without luck - there is still Grub!
> Also I tried step from this page:
> but advices/commands (like boot, normal or dump, etc) doesn't work!
> Is there any way to solve my issue?

Looks like you are not that fluent in dual/multiple boot schemes. I
would suggest that you buy another sata disk and install FBSD in one
and Linux on the other and boot selection with your BIOS. Either that,
or RTFM on multiple boot systems, whether it's booting FBSD from Linux
(grub) or the other way around. You could start by Googling this:
"dual boot linux freebsd" there are many references on the list
archives on the subject and many other references as well.

Alejandro Imass

> Thank you very much for any advices!
> Jindra
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