Support for Dell PERC H700 RAID controller

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Fri Mar 26 14:11:03 UTC 2010

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On 26.03.2010 15:00, Steve Polyack wrote:
> On 03/26/10 09:00, Peter Steele wrote:
>> Does FreeBSD 8 support the Dell H700 RAID controller? We've been using
>> a 3Ware controller but may need to switch to this controller. What
>> we'd like to have is a command line interface similar to the tw_cli
>> command so we can create RAID sets on a booted system instead of doing
>> it in the BIOS.
> I'm not sure about the H700, but for the PERC5 and PERC6 (previous
> models...) you can use mfiutil(8) to manage the adapter and
> create/configure/destroy RAID sets on FreeBSD 8.   It's actually pretty
> nice in comparison to MegaCLI - the LSI provided management utility.

The only thing mfiutil isn't in all ways superior to both the "webbios"
and megacli for, is when setting up cache info. It lacks the "I know
what I'm doing, allow me to set writeback for this array even if you
don't find a battery for the cache!" as an option. (useful for things
like /tmp)


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