Compiling kernel with gcc43

Mario Lobo lobo at
Thu Mar 25 17:18:37 UTC 2010

2010/3/25 Ryan Stone <rysto32 at>

> If you just want to try it out you could disable -Werror for your own
> build.  The reason that gcc 4.3 fails where 4.2 works fine is that the
> gcc developers are adding new warnings with every compiler release, so
> until somebody takes the time to fix all of the new warnings you won't
> be able to build the kernel with -Werror.

All right !! Thanks for replying !

There are a lot of locations throughout the source code where -Werror is
How can I disable -Werror globally? via src.conf ? will it do it for
will this "damage" the resulting kernel/world binaries?

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