Elegant way to hack port source

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at tx.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 15:16:51 UTC 2010

--On Friday, March 19, 2010 19:02:45 -0400 Greg Larkin <glarkin at FreeBSD.org> 
> Here's something else that I've found really useful as a port creator,
> maintainer and troubleshooter.  If I want to make some additional
> changes to a source file that is patched by a file stored in
> files/patch-...., I'll do this:
> make patch          # extracts source and patches files
> cd work/foobar/...
># Now make additional edits in patched file, leaving the
># .orig file alone
> cd ../back/to/port/directory
> make makepatch
> The makepatch target recurses through the work/foobar directory and
> creates diffs for all file.ext/file.ext.orig pairs.  It writes them to
> the files/ directory with the patch- prefix on each so the patch target
> processes them.
> The only thing to watch out for here, is that makepatch has its own file
> naming convention that doesn't always mirror the port creator's.  For
> instance, some ports have patch files named "patch-aa", "patch-ab", etc.
>  The makepatch target will recreate them with filenames based on the
> directory and filename of the file to be patched during the build.
> Hope that helps,

Man, does it ever.  Thanks for that.

Which brings me to an obvious question.  Where can I go to find out what all of 
the make targets are?  Is it in /usr/ports/Mk/?

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