FreeBSD NFS client goes into infinite retry loop

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Mar 23 14:28:04 UTC 2010

On Monday 22 March 2010 7:53:23 pm Rick Macklem wrote:
> > That I have no idea on.  Maybe Rick can chime in?  I'm actually not sure why
> > we would want to treat a FHTOVP failure as anything but an ESTALE error in the
> > NFS server to be honest.
> >
> As far as I know, only if the underlying file system somehow has a 
> situation where the file handle can't be translated at that point in time, 
> but could be able to later. I have no idea if any file system is like that 
> and I don't such a file system would be an appropriate choice for an NFS 
> server, even if such a beast exists. (Even then, although FreeBSD's client 
> assumes EIO might recover on a retry, that isn't specified in any RFC, as 
> far as I know.)
> That's why I proposed a patch that simply translates all VFS_FHTOVP()
> errors to ESTALE in the NFS server. (It seems simpler than chasing down 
> cases in all the underlying file systems?)

Ah, I had read that patch as being a temporary testing hack.  If you think
that would be a good approach in general that would be ok with me.

John Baldwin

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