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Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Mon Mar 22 22:11:04 UTC 2010

On 22/03/10 21:35, Mats Lindberg wrote:

> I've tried to get my freebsd diskless system to get hold of some of the
> dhcp-options.
> E.g. my dhcp-server will always be the nfs-server as well. So I was hoping
> to create the /etc/fstab with the the dhcpd's ip as the nfs server.
> Thus not needing to have the hard coded nfsroot:/conf/'ip-address'/etc.
> Instead i'm looking for having almost all necessary files in the
> nfsroot:/conf/base/etc directory.

you only need /conf/'ip-address' if you need different configurations 
for different clients. The ip-address is that of the diskless client, 
not the server.

> I've tried to set ifconfig_ETHDEV="DHCP" in /etc/rc.conf and creating a
> bourne shell script /etc/dhclient_enter_hooks, but as far as I can detect
> the script is never run.
> I guess since the kernel already got the ip-address during pxeboot it does
> not care about renewing the ip-address, or??

No, when the client detects it is a diskless client, 
/etc/rc.initdiskless is executed. See documentation in that file. 
Anyway, iirc you can find the dhcp options with kenv(1).

BR, Erik

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