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Alberto Mijares amijaresp at
Mon Mar 22 20:30:19 UTC 2010

> Anyway, my point is that an Operating System should not impose a
> specific MTA by default, and let the installer chose their favorite
> MTA. From what I understand you can't even remove Sendmail from
> standard FBSD and must only be de-activated. I personally think that
> sucks (if it's true anyway). Note that it is not my intention to start
> a flame MTA-war here. I think that Sendmail is exclellent if you like
> it, but Postfix is excellent as well, and we should be eventually able
> to install FBSD with Postfix as default MTA.

I could be wrong, but I think you can build the world without sendmail
passing the propper flags to make. In the other hand, sendmail is a
piece of the operative system; so you could end up with some broken

There are some other apps that belong to the OS as well, like bind9
for DNS, sh and csh for the shell and so on... It would be very
difficult to let the user choose their favorite applications in an OS

As I see it, FreeBSD is, in fact, a DNS server or a mail server by
default, between others and if I want. And since Postfix has some
limitations vs. Sendmail, I'm glad that is sendmail the choice of

I also must say that I frecuently use Postfix for Mail Servers, if I
don't need exotic features. My point is that Sendmail doesn't hurt
anyone as part of the FreeBSD Operative System; unlike some Linux
based distros, which really impose default MTA's without the need.

Best regards.

Alberto Mijares

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