Boris Samorodov bsam at ipt.ru
Mon Mar 22 14:25:26 UTC 2010

Aiza <aiza21 at comclark.com> writes:

> Now I would like to play with jails. One for postfix, apache, and ftp.
> My reading of EZJAIL and the jails section of the handbook lead me to
> believe I need a unique IP address for each jail. Is that correct?

No. As long as you use different ports for different jails/services
you may use one ip-address for those jails:
% jls
   JID  IP Address      Hostname                      Path
     1  ftp.xxx.ru                    /jails/ftp.xxx.ru
     2  mx.xxx.ru                     /jails/mx.xxx.ru
     3  http.xxx.ru                   /jails/http.xxx.ru

WBR, bsam

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