sftp server with speed throttling

Vincent Hoffman vince at unsane.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 12:03:24 UTC 2010

On 22/03/2010 11:53, Ghirai wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Mar 2010 19:55:00 +0000
> Vincent Hoffman <vince at unsane.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 21/03/2010 13:53, Dan Naumov wrote:
>>> What are my options if I want to run an sftp server with speed
>>> throttling? My understanding is that openssh (which includes sftp)
>>> in base does not support this directly, so I would have to either
>>> use a custom kernel with ALTQ (and I would really rather stick to
>>> GENERIC so I can use freebsd-update) which sounds like a bit too
>>> much configuration work or pass sftp traffic through PF and
>>> throttle it (ugly, would also affect ssh traffic).
>>> Are there any sftp servers with directly built-in functionality for
>>> this? I just would to be able to set limits for upload speed
>>> globally for the entire server and preferably to also be able to do
>>> speed settings on a per-user basis.
>> A quick google indicates there are at least 2 sftp servers with this
>> functionality,
>> http://www.proftpd.org/docs/contrib/mod_sftp.html
>> http://mysecureshell.sourceforge.net/en/index.html
>> Proftpd with mod_sftp needs the proftp-devel port so I'm guessing its
>> still in testing but at least its in ports.
>> No idea about the mysecureshell program, its not in ports.
>> I havent actually tried with of these so no idea how well they work,
>> good luck.
> I used pure-ftpd, and it's pretty awesome.
> http://www.pureftpd.org/project/pure-ftpd
Unfortunately pureftpd doesn't do sftp as far as I'm aware (it does do
ftps/ftp with tls  but thats not the same thing.)


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