Aiza aiza21 at comclark.com
Mon Mar 22 03:40:11 UTC 2010

>> I found the man ezjail-admin has this format
>> ezjail-admin install -h file://   Where -h file:// means get the
>> binaries from the host system the jails are running on.  Am I correct?
> Yes, according to the man page.  I haven't tried it yet myself, since I
> set up my basejail before this option was available.

Well I tried it. The man page does not explain it clearly. What the -h
really means is the -h file:// is the location for the release-8.0/base/ 
These files are not part of the base release directory tree that are 
part of the running system. They are only on the .iso install image such 
as the disc1.iso.

I mounted the Release 8.0 disc1 install cd and changed into directory
cd /cdrom/8.0-RELEASE
and issued
ezjail-admin install -h file://
it ran creating 3 jails, /usr/jails/basejail, /usr/jails/newjail, 

This is not the same as copying the binaries from the host system.
Next step is to ID directory names in the basejail and recreate basejail 
using the cpdup command to copy the host binaries. I see 2 questionable 
directories in the basejail, boot and rescue. Can I remove them from the 

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