Aiza aiza21 at comclark.com
Sun Mar 21 05:17:53 UTC 2010

I don't have sources installed on my system. Just use the binary 
Freebsd-update function. At new releases I do a clean install.
I only have a single public IP address.

Now I would like to play with jails. One for postfix, apache, and ftp.
My reading of EZJAIL and the jails section of the handbook lead me to 
believe I need a unique IP address for each jail. Is that correct?

I have no need to build world or install world because it does this from 
/usr/src which i don't install. Is there some EZJAIL option to just copy 
over the running system binaries instead of the sources?

The handbook "15.4 Creating and Controlling Jails" talks about 
“complete” jails, which resemble a real FreeBSD system, and “service” 
jails, dedicated to one application or service. Section 15.4 is the 
procedure for building a "complete jail" using the jail command.

The 15.6 Application of Jails (service jails) talks about creating a 
root skeleton containing the host running files which are shared with 
all the guest jails in read only mode. This eliminates the massive 
duplication of running system files in each jail as in the complete jail 
system talked about in handbook section "15.4 Creating and Controlling 

Now reading the ezjail man pages I see that ezjail also creates a base 
template that is shared between all jails. Is this the same method 
talked about in the handbook section 15.6 Application of Jails (service 

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