bruteforce protection howto

Vadkan Jozsef jozsi.avadkan at
Sat Mar 20 22:17:31 UTC 2010

Two pc's:

1 - router
2 - logger

Situation: someone tries to bruteforce into a server, and the logger
get's a log about it [e.g.: ssh login failed].

What's the best method to ban that ip [what is bruteforcig a server]
what was logged on the logger?
I need to ban the ip on the router pc.

How can i send the bad ip to the router, to ban it?

Just run a cronjob, and e.g.: scp the list of ip's from the logger to
the router, then ban the ip from the list on the router pc?

Or is there any "offical" method for this?

I'm just asking for docs/howtos.. :\ to get started..

Thank you!

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