securing sshd

Jamie Griffin Jamie at
Sat Mar 20 13:18:30 UTC 2010


I've been reading up on securing sshd after being bombarded with attempted logins. 

The steps i've taken so far to make things more secure are:

* changed the encryption method for passwords in /etc/login.conf from md5 to blowfish and changed all the passwords to ridiculously obscure ones (at least as obscure as I could think of).

* changed /etc/ttys secure entries to insecure to prevent root logins on the console

  (the above are not really sshd specific i know.)

* Disabled root login by ssh in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

* Set myself as the only user able to login by ssh

* Disabled password logins completely, and to only allow public key authentication

* Changed the default ssh port from 22 to something much higher

I'm the only user that will ever need to log into the machine. I wondered, does this setup seem ok and are there any other methods used by anyone on list that might help me to secure remote logins even further?

Thanks for any help.


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