FreeBSD 8.0 Booting Problem on ZV5320US Laptop

Anoop Kumar Narayanan at
Fri Mar 19 16:55:14 UTC 2010

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 7:49 PM, Richard DeLaurell
<richard.delaurell at> wrote:
>>On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 8:20 AM, Anoop Kumar Narayanan < at>wrote:
>>I have recently installed FreeBSD8.0 on my 5 year old HP laptop with
>>absolute 0 battery backup (behaviour same when batter removed).
>>Installation works fine but when I try to boot into FreeBSD I get to
>>the BTX loader screen, after having made any selection and it pauses
>>for about 15 secs and the computer suddenly powers down. I was able to
>>boot into the system occasionally lets say about 1 in 5 boots. I am
>>able to install and boot into Linux without any problem.
> So then you are attempting to startup using a power adaptor (i.e. your
> computer is plugged in to a wall socket)?
Yes. I don't know if its a specific Athlon XP related problem as I did
observe a similar post some years ago. And, Apparently its the same
In this case its the installation. In my case its after the installation.
> I had the reverse problem a while ago with Slackware shutting down in the
> middle of installation onto a Toshiba laptop while FreeBSD has always been
> no problem.
> My guess is that these issues reflect power management settings, perhaps
> even something in the bios.
Maybe its something in the BIOS, but the thing is that Linux boots
fine on the machine. Maybe some driver is crashing and is causing a
reboot of the machine. Are there any critical drivers in the system
that can result in such a problem.
> Does this occur when you use the installation or boot-only disks?
I can install it just fine, but can't seem to to boot into the
installed version (Once its been installed).
I did create the FreeBSD swap partition before the root file-system
(and it still seems to label the root file-system as 'a'), Would this
affect the system boot up in anyway ?
> Sorry this is not more help to you.
> Richard
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