natd opening partition

Brian Wolman jeep at
Thu Mar 18 19:54:15 UTC 2010

Hey there, I run a test server here at the house that also runs natd to
share internet across the network. The past few weeks my free space on
/var was running dangerously low. After some investigation, I found out
that the used space was actually an open file, and here is what lsof
showed me:

natd      1736  root    4w  VREG   0,84 410420438 23670 /var (/dev/ad4s1d)

Normally, natd is only supposed to open it's log file:

natd     34254  root    4w  VREG   0,84   218703 23582 /var/log/alias.log

I've since disabled logging to alias.log and the problem has not
re-occurred, however I would still like to know what I could have done
to cause that, or if maybe it's some kind of bug.


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