NAT overflow

Anton anton at
Thu Mar 18 13:32:11 UTC 2010

   Hello everyone,

   I'm kind of noob in FreeBSD particularily, and in Unix systems at all
   :-   worked fine u
   Now, once a day, I have a problem - users do not have internet on
   their    with RDP fro   rebbot - everything b   no problems, until next 
   So, I would like to ask 2 question:

   1) Cow could one monitor NATD daemon (via logs, or smth)

   2) How this could be worked around?

   I beg you pardon for this questions



   Best regards,


   Feel free to contact me

   via ICQ 363780596

   via Skype dobryak47

   via phone +375 29 3320987


   1. 3D"mailto:anton at"

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