make buildworld runs out of space

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Thu Mar 18 01:02:04 UTC 2010

Bill Tillman writes:

>  I have built two machines with 8.0-STABLE-201002-amd64. When I
>  updated the sources and ran make buildworld process it would fail
>  claiming that / was full.   
>  It seems to be running into the problem when the make
>  installkernel portion of my script was running. Both machines
>  were built using the default of 512M for /. I rebuilt the
>  machines with 1G / and all was well. But one shouldn't have to do
>  this as 512M for / should be adequate.

	Can you show us a "df" and a "du -x  | sort -nr | head -n 25"
for '/'? 

					Robert Huff

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