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Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Mar 15 12:23:13 UTC 2010

In response to Gary Kline <kline at>:
> 	Folks,
> 	Late last night i finally surfed into the ixsystems pages.
> 	WHile I haven't had a chance to check out the
> 	price/performance ration and compare it to other sites [[or
> 	maybe  I'll do yet another roll-my-own]], I did happen on the
> 	PCBSD link.  It really does look like FreeBSD people  who do
> 	*not* wish to invest 101% of their lives getting
> 	thing-to-work on the most stable OS ever.  My one question
> 	is: does at least everything that works under Ubuntu work
> 	under PC BSD?  I mean, things like setting my text fonts to
> 	international? and being able to stream what streams {say, 
> 	"FRONTLINE" or NOVA} that PBS has.
> 	Can i drop in a CD or DVD that I got from my pvblic library
> 	and have it play without mucking around creating mount-points 
> 	like /media/dvd/0 and /media/cd/0?  This is the latest thing
> 	to break with my 7.3RC.2.  The sound-juicer doesn't recognize
> 	my music CD whereas my Ubuntu does.   In other words, is
> 	PCBSD closer to the "Just-Works"{TM} side of things?

There are forums and an active community for PCBSD.  Those places are
going to provide you a lot more feedback on questions like this.

I don't _use_ PCBSD ... I have _tried_ it, and my experience has been
very good.  On an IBM laptop, everything just worked out of the box,
and worked well.  My problem is that I like to tweak, and I'm already
happy with my ability to tweak FreeBSD :)

Bill Moran

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