building from source after freebsd-update

johnea me at
Sun Mar 14 04:09:33 UTC 2010

On 2010-03-13 19:58, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> freebsd-update provides a binary update mechanism.
> It doesn't do anything to update the source files; if you choose to rebuild from source, use cvsup/csup/svn; you will normally get a -STABLE system from the build cycle, and not a -RELEASE system, but that depends upon which branch you are tracking.

I guess I was lead to believe that it updated the source from this entry in the handbook:

"The default is to update the source code, the entire base system, and the kernel."

I've also seem other references indicate that the source downloaded by freebsd-update
could be patched and installed.

Am I completely off?

Thanks for helping clear this up...


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