building from source after freebsd-update

johnea me at
Sun Mar 14 03:53:26 UTC 2010


I have been using freebsd-update to update several 7.1 systems.

The default freebsd-update.conf contains:

Components src world kernel

Recently while trying to build sendmail to enable SASL I ran into errors:

host# cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail
host# make depend
make: don't know how to make alias.c. Stop

How can I build the source updated by freebsd-update?

Thank You!


p.s. I have replaced sendmail with ssmtp and have the necessary SASL
      authentication working. However I have always maintained these
      servers via freebsd-update and I would like to learn the process
      of building the system from source. Thanks for any help!

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