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On 13/03/2010 14:22:58, Eitan Adler wrote:
>> You can just access by HTTP
> but sysinstall doesn't give me that option - or at least I can't find it

For the initial install? Yes -- you're right: there's no obvious
'install via HTTP' option.   Trying to install via HTTP proxy and saying when prompted seems like it should work to me, but I
haven't verified that.

Otherwise, your options are to download the disk1 or DVD .iso images,
and install from those -- they have everything you need to install the
base system -- or else to download the install sets out-of-band to a
local filesystem and install that way.

One handy hint when installing is *don't feel you have to do everything
from within sysinstall*.  Your priority should be to get the OS up and
running: everything else you can do from within the OS, which is a far
more flexible and powerful platform than sysinstall.  That power comes
at the cost of maybe not being particularly obvious exactly how to do
what you want, but that is why the Handbook exists.

If you're trying to install packages via HTTP rather than FTP, then try
setting PACKAGEROOT in your environment.  Like this:

   PACKAGEROOT= ; export PACKAGEROOT (Borne-shell)


   setenv PACKAGEROOT   (Csh-alikes)

then use 'pkg_add -r pkgname' in the usual way.  See login.conf(5) and
cap_mkdb(1) for one way of setting such variables in the environment
automatically when you login.



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