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On 11/03/2010 16:44:38, Ameed Imad wrote:
> I would like to know from where can we get FreeBSD training to become able
> to administrate FreeBSD servers.

Formal training courses in FreeBSD administration will be few and far
between.  FreeBSD isn't supported by any commercial organization that
tries to create a market in FreeBSD-related jobs -- some would say that
a direct consequence of this is the high quality of FreeBSD itself, and
of the typical people that work with it. Your best bet would be to find
a contractor willing to provide some training courses.

Most people achieve competence at dealing with FreeBSD by their own
independent efforts: by playing with the OS as a hobby, reading books
and documentation, by absorbing knowledge from colleagues.  It's not a
learning style that suits everyone, and the informal nature of such
learning means that it can be hard to assess competence simply from a CV
or job application.  Hence there has been a move to providing BSD
Certification in recent years (not just Free- but Open-, Net- etc): see



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