Replacing Home Router With PC

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Fri Mar 12 05:38:03 UTC 2010

On 3/11/2010 9:32 AM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> mailinglist <mailinglist at> writes:
>> I've got an old Linksys router hanging off of my cable modem that is
>> several years old and is about to die (very poor wireless throughput
>> should be 54 mb and is 2, runs hot, and "buzzes" while turned on).
>> I've got an older PC that would great as a router....however I also
>> need it to be a wireless access point for my house.  It has a PCI
>> wireless network card (A 54G Belkin, not sure of the exact model).  I
>> know FreeBSD is technically capable for acting as my DHCP, DNS,
>> router, gateway box if properly configured.  The question is, can it
>> use that wireless card to act as a access point instead of a client
>> (how the card is intended to be used)?
>> Also, any links anyone can provide on how to setup a FreeBSD box to
>> act as home router/gateway would be much appreciated!
> Bear in mind that the added electricity costs will more than cover the
> cost of a new Linksys (or equivalent) router in a few months.

If energy consumption is a concern, you might try one of these:

I've been running OpenBSD on mine for a year or so, and it makes an
absolutely fantastic home router.  It'll run FreeBSD, too.  Uses about 5

My one caveat is that you may want to solder on an RTC battery (CR2032)
holder--or just pay a little extra for the alix2d13, which includes the
holder, if you don't like soldering things.

Mark Shroyer

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