FreeBSD Version recommend for OLD machine

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Fri Mar 12 04:43:17 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I have an old machine that has been running 4.11-Stable for some 
years. This week something weird happened when I tried to update to 
latest version on 4.x. Anyway, I thought that was a good idea to 
update to 5.x and after doing all the process finally I can not have 
it running corrcetly. Not a big problem since a secondary  DNS an an 
email server for one domain. I am still trying to recover it 
downloading and installing the sae version it has but in case I can 
not fix I would like to install a mor erecent version.

The machine has a Motherboard that supports 2 double pentium III 
processors with 1GB of ram and a hard disk with 40GB.

It won't do anything else but a dns slave for maybe 100 domains, mail 
and squirrel for 10 domain, not more than 100 users with very low 
volume. That's all.

Can you give me your opinions on what would you?

- To re-install the version that it used to has from zero and let it 
work again for some other years.

- Try a new version (maybe it is more secure or faster) and if 
so..... which one?
(in all these years even when the machine is on the Internet and LOT 
of people has tried to hacked it daily, in all these years we have 
never had a problem.)

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Jorge Biquez

PS. By the way. I left these lists for almost a year as well as the 
OS (global crisis force us to look for survival jobs) anyway now that 
I am back I can see again that you guys in the list, the ones that 
develop and contribute with Freebsd are the best one in the quality 
of the technical messages. Keep working that way and thanks for 
letting us learn from you.

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