Replacing Home Router With PC

Nerius Landys nlandys at
Thu Mar 11 06:48:48 UTC 2010

> I've got an old Linksys router hanging off of my cable modem that is several years old and is about to die (very poor wireless throughput should be 54 mb and is 2, runs hot, and "buzzes" while turned on).  I've got an older PC that would great as a router....however I also need it to be a wireless access point for my house.  It has a PCI wireless network card (A 54G Belkin, not sure of the exact model).  I know FreeBSD is technically capable for acting as my DHCP, DNS, router, gateway box if properly configured.  The question is, can it use that wireless card to act as a access point instead of a client (how the card is intended to be used)?
> Also, any links anyone can provide on how to setup a FreeBSD box to act as home router/gateway would be much appreciated!

I too am using an old PC as my home router.  I have an ath-based
("ath" is the driver) wireless card which is acting as a host access
point.  Then I have about 4 ethernet ports, but I'm only using 2.  One
of those is a gigabit card, and most of my home computer collection is
on a gigabit LAN.

Just look in the Handbook I guess.  Once you have it all set up it's
very rewarding.  I'll never go back to having a purpose-built router
device for my home.

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