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Wed Mar 10 19:34:19 UTC 2010

On Mar 8, 2010, at 7:53 AM, ltsampros wrote:

> Alexander Best <alexbestms at> writes:
>> recent chromium builds on and
>> support html5. don't  
>> know if the
>> firefox and opera ports support html5 yet.
> If you use the latest version of firefox , check this link:
> It played flawless on my system and I don't remember me having
> configured some option/port knob to enable the functionality.
> However, there is an ongoing battle regarding which codecs would be
> supported. Google/Apple support h264 while Mozilla/Opera prefer/ 
> advocate
> the Ogg theora one. I think this is a pretty thin picture of the
> situation but I guess you can google it around.
> So, don't expect all html5/video sites to work.
>> alex

The main issue is licensing fees. The company that owns h2.64 charges  
$5M for a license. Ogg Theora on the other hand is slightly more  
affordable as a semi-open codec. I certainly would not bet the farm on  
this fight ending nicely.

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