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On 10/03/2010 03:34:52, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Well, long-story-short, the most unepect thing happened: a
> 	power surge.  I did not realize that my printer was also off
> 	until hours later.  A friend helped me trace the problem and
> 	reset my surgge-protector.  ---It is worth noting that BEFORE
> 	I got my battery [UPS], when things were dead or suddenly
> 	went dead, i  knew right away to check the surge-protector.

Uh -- if you have a UPS, why are you using a surge protector as well?
The function of a UPS is to condition your power supply.  It puts
out clean 110/220V 50/60Hz power (depending on where you live)
irrespective of what it is getting from the mains.  That is, the UPS
also does all the surge protection function itself. Not only that, it
should cope with surges by absorbing them, rather than blowing a circuit
breaker, so it carries on running after the surge is over.

Admittedly some UPS designs are better than others -- inline UPSes are
the best, but tend to be more expensive. These work by converting the
input to DC and then converting back to AC.  Cheaper UPSes monitor the
characteristics of the incoming current and switch to battery power if
it is out of specification, which is not really failsafe.

Also, didn't your UPS sound the alarm?  They are normally too loud to
ignore easily.



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