"tao" suddenly died

Al Plant noc at hdk5.net
Wed Mar 10 00:11:57 UTC 2010

Gary Kline wrote:
> Well, first time this happened since I got my Dell 8200.
> It suddenly died.  I just finished sending an email a few
> minutes earlier.  I'm writing from my only other live 
> non-server.  The KVM switch was mis-installed so I can't
> KVM over to my DNS server.
> Does this happen often with Dells?  What should I be
> looking for to replace the 8200.
> thanks for any suggestions.
Aloha Gary,

Dell sudden death. In my experience means a hardware failure.

EG: Two weeks ago I consulted for a friend in IT on a dead Dell server 
with the removable hard drives. It turned out to be a faulty back plate 
where the HD's fitted in so all 4 were not working. Dell had to send a 
replacement backplate to replace the bad one.

If you can find anyone on a list with one of your type maybe they can 
help you. Dell doesnt always use the same hardware in the same model 
computer btw.

Check all the cables and power supply connections and re-seat everything 
in the box. Something may have walked out of the board.

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