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Tue Mar 9 03:27:52 UTC 2010

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 02:01:22PM -0600, CyberLeo Kitsana thus spake:
>On 03/07/2010 03:47 AM, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On 07/03/2010 08:45:41, CyberLeo Kitsana wrote:
>>> By necessity and convenience, I have developed a series of additions and
>>> changes to the ports tree. These changes are probably not worthy of
>>> inclusion into the official tree, so I'm looking to maintain an overlay,
>>> of sorts, in the spirit of Gentoo's overlay capability.
>>> Is there an official method of hooking changes into a ports tree, while
>>> maintaining the ability to csup or portsnap the unmodified version? How
>>> do others tackle this particular problem?
>> Yes, you can add your own local ports or even whole categories of local
>> ports without too much difficulty.  You can even add some tweaks to an
>> existing port -- you don't have complete freedom to do anything there,
>> but you can do quite a lot.
>> If you create a Makefile.local at any level in the ports tree it will be
>> included alongside the usual Makefile.  This means you can override a
>> lot of the available settings at will.
>> So, if you create /usr/ports/Makefile.local
>> with the contents:
>> SUBDIR+=myports

It works with "local," but you still need the VALID_CATEGORIES bit.

>> then you can create a directory /usr/ports/myports and put your own
>> ports inside it -- you'll need a /usr/ports/myports/Makefile just like
>> the other category directories.
>This is an excellent idea, and one I ultimately ended up using. However,
>I've found that the ports infrastructure really doesn't tolerate
>creating arbitrary categories, so I had to put a VALID_CATEGORIES+= bit
>at the top of each of my ports' makefiles to get it to work without
>patching any tracked files.

If you use local Mk files, you wouldn't have to worry about putting it in
every port.

>> <snip>
>> If you want to modify an existing port, probably the best approach is to
>> create your own slave port -- see the docco on MASTERDIR in the Porter's
>> Handbook and look at eg. games/freeciv-nox11 for about the simplest
>> possible example.  It's not fool proof -- some modifications will always
>> need support in the master port's Makefile, but there's a lot you can do
>> without that.
>Another good suggestion. I find annoyance in that devel/glib20 (among
>others) requires all of Perl and Python at runtime just to service two
>script files that appear to be used only for certain compilation
>options. It tends to bloat the embedded images that I build.
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