Severe instabilities and system lockups

Bruce Cran bruce at
Mon Mar 8 18:24:38 UTC 2010

On Monday 08 March 2010 16:52:08 David Jackson wrote:

> Are there any diagnostic tools uch as getting a log of tranmissions on
> USB and probe it, ,or finmd out what code it is lockilng up on ?Has
> anyone else seen these problems with USB disks?

You'll probably get a better response by asking on the freebsd-usb mailing 

The following debug nodes for USB in 8.0 are present:

> sysctl hw.usb | grep debug
hw.usb.ehci.debug: 0
hw.usb.ohci.debug: 0
hw.usb.uhci.debug: 0
hw.usb.ctrl.debug: 0
hw.usb.umass.debug: 0
hw.usb.debug: 0 0
hw.usb.ugen.debug: 0
hw.usb.uhub.debug: 0
hw.usb.proc.debug: 0
hw.usb.ulpt.debug: 0
hw.usb.ucom.debug: 0
hw.usb.uhid.debug: 0
hw.usb.ukbd.debug: 0
hw.usb.ums.debug: 0

Your first step should probably be to get a verbose boot log (boot -v) - one 
of the USB developers will likely know better than I do which sysctl debug 
nodes to set to get more details.

Bruce Cran

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