FreeBSD Support Cycle

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Mon Mar 8 15:53:15 UTC 2010

mailinglist wrote:

> I'm possibly considering building a FreeBSD based NAS to provide NFS
> storage for vSphere in a production environment.  I would use FreeBSD-8,
> amd64 variety.  What is the expected EOS & EOL dates (end of support/end
> of life) for FreeBSD 8?  I'm not sure if the EOL question matters for an
> open source OS, but basically I'm just asking at what point in time would
> there no longer be security updates and bug fixes made to the
> OS?

Of course, possibly subject to change or update. Usually any new additions 
of changes are reported in various @announce mailing lists. The security 
announce list will report on specifically the secure patch support question.


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