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On 08/03/2010 12:23:04, n dhert wrote:
> MySQL and Postgresql appear in the freebsd with many different versions.
> Normally ports have only one version (the latest) and you upgrade with
> portupgrade.
> Sometimes a mysql-client or postgresql-client is installed as a dependency
> of another port,
> (e.g. a Davical install today installed postgresql-client-8.2.15_1 as a
> dependency whereas
> postgresql-server already has a 8.3 and 8.4 version in the ports now)
> Is it save to install the newest server version?
> or should one install the same version as the client one already has ?

Yes, in general you can install whichever versions of the DB client you
prefer.  The ports generally defaults to a conservatively chosen
version - sometimes this can be an older version than what the upstream
project itself recommends.  Unless you are going to be exploring less
frequently used or novel functionality and if you're not concerned with
getting the absolute maximum performance, then the newest versions are
generally OK.

> Both for mysql and postgresq server, the corresponding client is a
> dependendy.
> I e.g. you already have mysql-client-5.0.90 but no mysql server yet, and you
> install
> mysql-server-5.5.2., will it install mysql-client-5.5.2 alongside the
> existing mysql-client-5.0.90
> or upgrade it ?

The -server ports link against shared libraries provided by the -client
ports: this means that you have to have matching server and client
ports installed on a server.  As mysql-client-5.0.90 conflicts with
mysql-client-5.5.2 you'll find simply trying to install mysql-
server-5.5.2 will fail.  Instead, try something like this:

   # portupgrade -m DISABLE_CONFLICTS=yes -o databases/mysql55-client -f
   # portupgrade -x mysql-client-5.5.2 -fr mysql-client-5.5.2
   # portinstall databases/mysql55-server

Note: if you have mysql50-scripts installed, you'll need to insert this
as the 2nd step:

   # portupgrade -m DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes -o
databases/mysql55-scripts -f mysql-scripts-5.0.90

Once you've got mysql-5.5.2 installed, any other ports you install
which depend on MySQL will automatically link against that version.
Well, with the possibility there might be a few ports known not to work
with that specific version.



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