make "make install" accept defaults

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Sun Mar 7 20:20:20 UTC 2010

>>>>> "n" == n dhert <ndhertbsd at> writes:

n> When installing gnome from the ports
n> # make install clean
n> installs a few hundred packages and displays dozens and dozens times a
n> configuration window
n> which I always answer by hitting TAB key to move to OK button and then
n> <enter>.
n> Now this installation is already busy for 7 hours (when will it end?) ...
n> keeping me locked to my PC ...
n> How to specify   make install clean ......   witj extra options so that is
n> will answer a configuration window autoamtically
n> to always accept all the defaults so that you can make an Gnome installation
n> in an unattended way?

I do all the configs ahead of time.  There are multiple ways to do that.

"make config-recursive" if you're just using the raw Makefiles.

"portinstall -c PORTNAME" if you're using Portinstall (my favorite).

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