freebsd-update on a 8.0 rootzfs system

krad kraduk at
Sun Mar 7 12:54:36 UTC 2010

On 7 March 2010 11:57, Dan Naumov <dan.naumov at> wrote:

> Hello folks
> I have a 8.0 system that uses zfsroot and gptzfsboot. It uses the
> GENERIC kernel and the only thing that had to be manually recompiled
> is obviously the bootloader, to enable zfs boot support, other then
> that, the system is using stock 8.0 binaries. Since fully rebuilding
> world and kernel on this system is a 5 hour process, I would very much
> like to use freebsd-update and I wanted someone to clarify the
> utility's behaviour. If I run freebsd-update on this system, what will
> it do when it detects that the bootloader binaries do not match those
> of stock 8.0-RELEASE? Will it:
> 1) Ignore the changed/recompiled bootloader files completely, only
> updating the binaries whose checksums it can recognize. This behaviour
> is alright for updating within 8.0, updating for release errata, but
> would cause some problems updating to 8.1 and further, since 8.1 will
> have zfs capable bootloader by default and having freebsd-update
> always completely ignore a system component that has once been
> recompiled sounds a bit silly.
> 2) Happily update the system, overwrite my custom compiled bootloader,
> forcing me to manually rebuild the bootloader again before I reboot
> the system. This I guess would actually be the desired behaviour.
> - Sincerely,
> Dan Naumov
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why dont you just cron a make update, buildworld, and build kernel, every
night, or week? You always have a system ready for installation whenever you
want it, irrelevant how long it takes to build.

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