mailing list archive as mbox

Alexander Best alexbestms at
Sun Mar 7 11:08:34 UTC 2010

Dan Nelson schrieb am 2010-03-07:
> In the last episode (Mar 07), Alexander Best said:
> > hi there,

> > what are the steps i need to perform to get a copy of the entire
> > mailingslist
> > archive of lets say freebsd-current@ in mbox format?

> Go to
> where you
> can download weekly gzipped archives of all the mailing lists since
> their
> creation.

thanks for the hint, but it would take hours to download all those gzipped
files, extract them and merge them.

i really need ALL the messages of a mailinglist. of course i could use the
gzipped files you mentioned if i had some script for downloading extracting
and merging all those files for me.


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